Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year, New Projects

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! We are ready to kick off 2016 with more projects around the house.

For starters, we updated our dresser for our master bedroom. Since our bedroom is full of dark wood furniture we wanted our dresser to be a fun color that would really pop. Our comforter has a really nice red/coral color in it, so we decided to go with that.

Rather than buy a new dresser we decided to update my old dresser mainly for sentimental reasons. This dresser was originally my parents when they first got married back in the 70s, and I moved it with me when I first moved to the DC area after college. I have already painted and switched the hardware on it 2 times in the past, and moved it multiple times between apartments and now our house. We knew we wanted to keep it so we just had to update it to go in our bedroom.

To get started we took a pillowcase from our comforter set to Sherwin Williams to pick our paint. Everyone there was super helpful and we found a great color match. After we had the paint, the dresser sat in our garage for months while we slowly sanded, primed, and painted it in between other projects. In hindsight, we probably should have invested in a sander, but instead we used good old regular sandpaper, which took forever. The painting also took a long time since we wanted to let everything dry for a few days in between coats. Ultimately, the finished product turned out okay, but it was really hard to cover up the blue paint that was on the dresser when we started.

Here's the before and after:
Transformation from blue to coral
That's all I have for now. Our next project is redoing our walk-in closet, so I'll post an update once we get that started. Happy new year everyone!