Tile and Flooring Selections

Our master bath vanity
Santa Cecilia Light Granite with Lausanne Maple Espresso Cabinets
Our stairs selection
Hardwood with Extra Dark Stain
Our vinyl selection for the laundry room
Initiator in Glenville Creme
Our hardwood selection in one of the models
Hardwood: Rural Living Rich Brown
Our granite selection for the kitchen and master bath
Santa Cecilia
Our flooring and cabinets
Lausanne Cabinets in Maple Espresso with Rural Living Engineered Hardwood in Rich Brown

Our carpet with flooring and cabinets
Level B Shaw Venetian Tile Carpet

Our master bath selections
Level C tile

Close up of our master bath tile

Our hall bath selections
Level B Tile

Close up of our hall bath tile
Our kitchen backsplash selections (with the small tile accent instead of the brown/orange tile)
Level B Tile Backsplash 
Close up of our kitchen selections