Monday, September 21, 2015

Building Our Bar: The Final Product

Our bar project is complete and it turned out great!

A couple weeks ago we had an electrician come by and split our electrical outlet so we could plug in our wine cooler in the bar and our new TV above the bar plus we moved our cable outlet up on the wall so it would be above the bar. I meant to post an update but work/life has been crazy. We ended up finding an electrician on yelp since the one that is working in our community wasn't calling us back. It cost about $200 but it was easy to schedule and only took about an hour. We also picked up our wine cooler from Home Depot and so far we're loving it. 
Daisy with the wine cooler and the adjusted outlets
On Friday we had Panda Kitchen come out and install the bar. They were great to work with and it only cost $1820 including the installation. They arrived on time and finished in about 2 hours, including the granite installation. It turned out beautiful!  They even added some of our flooring trim around the bar to make it look like it really belongs. 
The finished product!
After the installers left, we got our new TV from Costco. We went with a 70" TV since our sectional sits so far back from the bar. Although the TV is huge, it's narrow so it doesn't take up too much of the bar countertop. 
Our big TV
Watching the Terps win on our new TV
To finish off the space we extended our sectional and moved the chair piece around to the side. We've really enjoyed being able to use our basement more with this new setup.
New sofa piece added to the sectional
View of our basement from the front door
The entire sectional!
Our seating area (view from the garage entrance)
Daisy enjoying her big sectional
To finish up we're going to order a canvas set of the Philly skyline from Etsy for above the sectional. Then we're done with this room until we paint next year!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Building our Bar: Final Design and Quote

We went back and forth on a few of the options for the angled wall cabinet and just received our finalized design for the bar.  This is the 3D design with generic white cabinets and counter top.  The steel object towards the middle is our wine cooler and the doorway is the entrance to our garage.  We're really loving this design!  And the great news is it is only going to cost about $1800 including installation!