Monday, June 29, 2015

30 day and we (finally) got our bedroom furniture

We had a super busy weekend at our house.

On Friday, we had our 30 day follow up.  We didn't have any major issues with the house.  Our biggest issue was the toilets not refilling every time you flush, but other than that there were a couple squeaky floor boards and touch ups.  RH went above and beyond with our fixes.  They fixed everything, including marks from our move-in and a step that our puppy decided to chew shortly after we moved in.  Now that we had our 30 day, I can say for sure that we are really happy with everyone that we worked with at Greenbelt Station.

On Saturday our bedroom furniture was finally delivered.  We ordered the furniture over Memorial Day, but our nightstands were lost in transit to the warehouse, which caused a delay in delivery.  Even though it seemed like we waited forever, we are really happy with our new furniture and feel like it was well worth the wait.
Our beautiful new bed and nightstands
Our new dresser
On Sunday we hung curtains on our main level.  We had picked these up at Homegoods a few weeks ago, but we had other things we wanted to do around the house before we had time for curtains.  We are really happy with the curtains we picked up and it's amazing how much of a difference curtains make.  They were relatively easy to hang and make the space look so much more finished.  We also found some red pillows for our couch and ordered red accent chairs.  Once we have the chairs, our living room will be complete (except for wall decorations)!
Red pillows!
Living room curtains
Morning room curtains

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blinds and a Grill

We were away the past couple weekends but we managed to hang some blinds and get our new grill put together.

We went with basic white 2" faux wood blinds from Home Depot and we are installing them ourselves.  Installation is really easy so we're glad we decided to do it ourselves although we haven't been home much so we only got the blinds up in our master bedroom so far.  We're only putting blinds on the bedroom level and will just have curtains on the main level and basement.  We'll eventually hang curtains in the bedrooms too to dress up the windows but it will probably take us a while to find curtains that we like.
Blinds in our master bedroom
Our townhome has a small deck out back that we mainly want to use for grilling.  We picked up a small 2 burner Weber grill on our last trip to Home Depot and assembled it last week.  Unfortunately we were either not home or it was raining so we didn't get to use it.  We finally had good weather and a free night on Monday so we grilled and it was delicious.  We also picked up some new pillows for our chairs on the deck, so our outdoor space is complete.  It feels good to get one more space how we want it.
Our first time using the new grill

Monday, June 15, 2015

Living Room Rug

We went out of town this weekend so we didn't get any work done around the house.  We did get our new living room rug on Friday before we left, so we set that up when we got home last night.  The rug is absolutely perfect for the space and it is so soft and comfy.  We love it!  I'm still looking for a couple fun, red toss pillows for the couch and a couple red chairs to complete the space and tie the look into the bar stools at the end of the kitchen.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Prepping for our 30 day

Our PM came out bright and early before work yesterday to walk through our townhome to discuss any issues we have for our 30 day.  We honestly haven't had any issues other than super minor things like scratches and marks on the walls.  Our PM is great and is even going to fix the marks from moving in.  He is working with my schedule and bringing all the contractors out to fix everything on my next flexible work day too.  I really appreciate his helpfulness and flexibility.

We have been really happy with this whole building process from our SR to our PM to our LO.  We love our house and we feel like we really lucked out with our community.  The Greenbelt Station community has a really great team, and I would definitely recommend them.

I'll keep updating as we finish things in the house.  We're hoping to get some furniture delivered soon and maybe get some stuff on the walls.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Kitchen is complete

We spent the end of last week and the weekend assembling our furniture.  Now our kitchen is completely decorated!  We love the way our stools turned out.  We bought them from Target but they look way more high end.  These are probably our favorite purchase so far.  Here's a few pictures of our completed kitchen.
Our beautiful island with all of our counter stools
A view of the kitchen all set up
Our barstools at the end of the kitchen
We also put together a little cabinet that coordinates with the stools to store all of our TV equipment.  We still need to put a few openings in the back so we can run the wires for the TV equipment inside.  This was another Target find although I wouldn't recommend it since it's virtually impossible to get the glass doors to line up.
This will all get centered once we get the TV equipment inside
Yesterday we hung the ceiling fan in our master bedroom.  We like how it turned out but there's no furniture in the room yet so it probably won't get much use until our furniture arrives.  The bulbs were also really dim so we're going to be looking for replacements already.  This fan was our last light fixture to hang and it is such a relief to be done.

We had a really busy weekend but we still found time for lots of walks with our puppy, Daisy.  She loves walking around the neighborhood and finding new spots to explore.  Here's a picture from one of our walks.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Let there be light

When we came home from work last night our package containing our living room light was at our door.  We had been eyeing this light for months so we were anxious to get it hung up.  Anyway after dinner, we did a little research on what height we should hang it at, cut the cords, and hung it up.  Our prewire cap was stuck on the ceiling so it took off some of the paint but we'll have RH fix that at our 30 day.  Other than that we still have to play with the arms on the light some to get the shape we want, but we're really happy with how it turned out.  

Living room with our new light
Checking out our new light from the kitchen
I also called the fan company about the fan in the master bedroom that didn't fit together properly and they're sending me what I need to fix it via 2-day shipping.  If we can get it all together this time, then we should be done hanging fixtures by the weekend.  

Monday, June 1, 2015

A Little More Progress

We got a little more work done on the house this week and a lot more shopping. :)

Earlier in the week my husband mounted our TV in the living room.  We got a full motion mount so we can watch TV from the living room or the kitchen.  So far we like it but we don't have table for underneath the TV yet.
Watching TV from the kitchen
During the week, I sealed the grout on our backsplash and sealed the granite in the kitchen.  We also sealed the grout and granite in the master bathroom.  It took way longer than expected, so we didn't get to the grout in our hall bath yet.

After the kitchen was all sealed, I finished putting everything away and setting up.  It's an amazing kitchen and we're really happy with it.  Now we just need to get our stools!

On Saturday we took a break from housework and met up with some friends for lunch.  Although we are loving our house, it was great to get out and get our minds off of our never-ending to-do list.  When we were out we happened to stop in Homegoods with my friend and found the perfect area rug for our morning room.  It was less than $300 so we were sold on it!  It ended up looking great too!

Saturday night we tried to set up the ceiling fan in our master bedroom but the fan we bought doesn't have the bracket and canopy screws lined up correctly.  We couldn't finish the install because of that and I'll be calling their customer service line tonight to see if there's anything we can do.  If not we'll have to take the fan down, return it, and pick a new one.

On a happier note Sunday we got the fan up in our office.  We also rearranged the furniture so it's pretty much all together just finding places to put all of our little stuff.
The office all set up
(excuse the mess)
We also did a ton of shopping this weekend.  We bought curtain rods.  Although we didn't find curtains we liked, the rods were on sale so we picked them up.  Then we ordered our bedding set for the master, our kitchen counter and bar stools, a cabinet for the TV stuff in the living room, and a mattress for the master.  Here's a sneak peak at some of our purchases.  Can't wait for everything to arrive.
Our counter and bar stools
Our bedding for the master
Cabinet to store our TV equipment in the living room