Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beginning to turn our house into a home

My husband and I have been working to set up the house.  We still have a lot to do, but I wanted to share some progress pictures.

My husband hung our light fixture in the morning room and the ceiling fan in the guest bedroom.  We're living in the guest bedroom until our new furniture arrives so that fan was our top priority.
Morning room light
All lit up!
Fan in guest bedroom
While he worked on the light fixtures I worked on unpacking the kitchen.  So far we have our hutch all set up but there's still stuff all over the other counters.
Hutch (aka coffee and wine station)
Our washer and dryer were delivered Sunday too, so we're finished with the laundry room.
Love having a laundry room!
My parents came by Sunday to drop off some furniture and helped us around the house then gave us a plant to make our front door look more homey.
Our front door set up
Daisy at her front door
We also put our current bathroom set in the hall bathroom since it had a beautiful shower curtain and that's the only bathroom that needed a shower curtain.  We also set up both of our powder rooms.  The only bathroom we have to finish now is the master.
Main floor powder room
Rec room powder room
Hall bathroom

I'll do my best to keep updating as we put everything together.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Our First Purchases

My husband and I had a very busy weekend.  We started off by going shopping at Lowe's and buying our washer/dryer, morning room light, and ceiling fans.  I never thought shopping at a home improvement store could be fun but it was!  Our washer and dryer were already installed on Sunday too!  Here's our purchases from Lowes:
Our new washer and dryer set
Whirlpool Cabrio
Our light fixture for the morning room
Ceiling Fan for Master Bedroom
Ceiling Fan for Guest Room and Office

We worked on unpacking Sunday, but got out to go furniture shopping yesterday.  We went to West Elm and bought some of the items we have been eyeing for awhile.  Unfortunately the chairs we liked are no longer available, but we ordered everything we want for our bedroom and most of the furniture for the rec room plus the light for the living room.  Here's what we got:
Pendant for the living room
Sectional for the rec room
Coffee Table for the rec room

End table for the rec room
Nightstands for the Master
Dresser for the Master
Bed for the master
I'll post some pictures as we get stuff set up.  We still have a bunch of purchases left but I think next up is our stools for the kitchen.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


We closed on Friday!  It was an easy process and only took an hour and a half of signing several documents. We had to wire our money the day before since NVR Settlement only takes up to $20K in cashiers checks but it was one less thing to worry about on Friday. We went straight to the house and dropped off our fragile items right after closing. We had movers come yesterday and are working to get set up. We are loving our new house and can't wait to go furniture shopping tomorrow!!  Our pup, Daisy, is loving the new house too!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Anticipation is Building

We are getting so excited to move into our home on Saturday.  This past Saturday we met some of our neighbors at the first Greenbelt Station Community Event.  It was so nice to meet future neighbors, and I can tell the community is going to be awesome!  

On Sunday we made a trip to Lowes to check out some ceiling fans and light fixtures.  I think we've settled on the following fans for our bedrooms and light fixture for the living room.

Fan for our master
Fan for the guest bedrooms
Light for the living room
We've also been working on our post-closing shopping list for Lowes/Home Depot but I'm sure we'll end up buying more things as we walk through the store.

Sunday we also got serious about packing.  Our living room is currently covered in boxes and we haven't even started on the kitchen or our closets.  We even ran out of our current supply of boxes so we'll be going out tonight to get more.  Packing and waiting to close is definitely stressful but it will all be worth it when we walk into our house Friday.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Home Orientation

My husband and I had our new home orientation yesterday.  It was amazing to see everything finished and ready for us to move in.  Our PM was away on mandatory RH training but someone on his team filled in so we didn't have to reschedule.  We walked through every space in the house and talked about the features and maintenance.  It was a ton of information but at the end we got a binder that covers everything.

We also marked anything that needed to be corrected with blue tape.  After the meeting was done we were allowed to stay in the house and we were given more blue tape in case we noticed anything.  Everything we saw was pretty minor.  We also took a bunch of pictures as we were walking around.

Master Suite

Laundry Room

 Guest Rooms

Upstairs Hallway

Main Floor

Rec Room