Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Organizing our tools

It's been awhile since I blogged and honestly we slowed down on work around the house for a bit, which has been nice. Now that we are relaxed and refreshed from the break, we're starting to get back into planning our projects. We have a growing to-do list with hopes to redo our master closet, the  pantry, and the laundry room in the new year as well as start painting around the 1 year mark. We're also working on finishing a DIY makeover for our old dresser, which we hope to finish over the weekend. With all of the projects coming up plus decorating for the holidays, I plan to get back into blogging more frequently.

Recently we did get one minor project done: Organizing our tools. After about 6 months of fishing through our toolbox every time we need a picture hook or hanger, we finally decided to organize with some classic pegboard. We still don't have a ton of tools since we were just in an apartment before we moved in so we opted for a durable pegboard that is easy to add on. We just picked up some panels on one of our many Home Depot trips. We went with 4 of the Everbilt 16x16 Pegboard and the Everbilt Organizer Kit to start, which only cost around $35. It was super easy to install, and we already filled our 4 panels so we'll probably be adding more soon. The kit even came with little jars and cups for nails and screws. It has been so nice to have the pegboard so we can easily grab our tools whenever we need them plus we can see what we have so we don't end up with 4 of the exact same screwdrivers. Here's a couple pictures from the project:

Pegboard Kit 
Our pegboard in the garage

Hope everyone is enjoying their new homes or their builds! Happy Thanksgiving!