Monday, August 31, 2015

Building Our Bar: Putting Down a Deposit and Finalizing Options

We had a follow up meeting with Panda Kitchen at their design center in Laurel, and I'm excited to say we ended up putting down a deposit for our bar installation!  We went into the appointment thinking we would just take a quick look at the design and put down our deposit.  However when we got to the design center we started wandering around all the different sample kitchens and began rethinking some of our choices.  

Originally we selected white shaker cabinets with blue pearl granite, but we switched that after seeing a kitchen in the design center set up with light oak cabinets and blue pearl granite.  We decided that the blue pearl granite was too gray and we didn't like it with the light cabinets.  So we stared at the granite samples for a while and ultimately ended up with Santa Cecilia Light, which is what we have in the rest of our house.  We also debated getting flat white cabinets with the full overlay, but decided to keep the shaker cabinets.  To finalize the design we added the same bar pulls that are in our kitchen and bathrooms.  This was a no-brainer add-on, since it was less than $15 to add including installation.

Here are all of our options:
Santa Cecilia
White Shaker Cabinets
Bar pulls
We're still working on getting an electrician out to move some of our outlets so that they aren't all behind the bar.  Once we get that resolved we can give Panda a call and they will schedule our installation.  Hopefully we can get everything scheduled soon.  We can't wait to get our bar in so we can spend more time in the basement, which is Daisy's favorite room in the house.