Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Building Our Bar: Getting a Second Quote and Purchasing our Wine Cooler

This weekend we had Panda Kitchen out to measure our space for the bar, look at some of their options, and get our free design quote.  We picked the same options that we did at Home Depot (whiter shaker cabinets and blue pearl granite).  Panda's installation was on special, which made it only around $100 more to have the cabinets installed by them, so we priced that out.  The quote came to $1900, which was about $700 less than the Home Depot quote where we were going to have to install the cabinets ourselves.  They also are going to build a cabinet for our angled wall instead of just putting a cabinet front there like Home Depot suggested.  We were really pleased with the quote so we set up an appointment to go into the showroom and most likely finalize the order this upcoming Saturday.

We also ordered the wine cooler we've been eyeing, so that we have it prior to installation.  We didn't want to spend a fortune on the wine cooler but we wanted something that could be used as both a wine cooler and beer/soda fridge.  We also wanted something that was a fairly standard size so that we have the ability to switch it out easily in the future if we decide to get something else.  We also wanted a modern stainless and glass look.  With all of this in mind we ended up getting this Magic Chef Dual Zone Cooler from Home Depot.

I'm really excited that this project is coming together quickly.  Hopefully we'll have the bar in place this fall, so we can use our basement a little more for entertaining.